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School Programs

"The kids were still talking about you guys today and I've received some really positive feedback from parents about last week.  On a personal note, you have motivated me to continue with an atmosphere of more hands-on, fun learning in this class, so I thank you

(and the class does too!) for that."


- Crystal, TVDSB Grade 5 Teacher

Our facilitators will lead your students through a fun, interactive, and curriculum-linked program, options include:

  • A guided tour of our Museum  

  • Co-operative/team-building challenges and games

  • A hands-on art lesson of your choosing

  • If desired a nature hike complete with group challenges

  • Creating lessons to align with your class projects

  • Butter and Ice Cream making available at an extra cost


Our staff are happy to tailor trips to meet your class’ needs - so be sure to let us know how we can make your visit as enjoyable and valuable as possible! 

We’re excited to offer an education program (designed by certified teachers) for students at both the elementary and secondary level!


From brand new classroom facilities to acres of trails through beautiful Carolinian Forest, our site offers a fantastic mix of history & nature, education & exercise – as well as a relaxing visit for you, as teachers.



"Aligned well with our heritage unit and language arts.  A student of a dairy farming family told me he learned even more than he knew before and was excited to tell his family!  We loved our time at the museum."


- Amanda, TVDSB Grade 3 Teacher


“I loved that the students were active for everything and there were a lot of hands on activities.  Kerr’s passion for Co-operatives really showed through and his delivery engaged the students for the entire day.  We loved the teamwork activities and games”.      

- Mary-Margaret, TVDSB Grade 9-11 Teacher

140 kids june 24_edited.jpg

Looking for a fun, affordable, jam-packed day in the sun for multiple classes? We have enjoyed hosting groups of 60+ students for year-end field trips - and are happy to build an agenda to meet your needs!


$7.50 per student​.

No charge for Teacher & Volunteers, based on a ration of 1 : 5 adults to children. 

Additional adults pay $7.50/per person.


Butter/Ice cream making activity option available for an additional  charge. Inquire at

“This was the Best Field Trip! 

Thank you so much for teaching us! 

The Ice Cream was amazing, Cartooning was awesome and Hiking was Hike-tastic. 


The Legend of the Wendigo story was fantastic. The brave kids had the best trap I’ve ever heard.  The Ice-Cream we made - I thought we made it with magic. 

This trip was the Best Trip Ever!

- Sarmad, Grade 5 Student


1-888-773-2955 ​​ 

48075 Jamestown Line R.R. #2, Aylmer ON N5H 2R2

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