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Alternate Leaf Dogwood

Latin: Cornus

Family: Alternifolia

Description: can range from a 6 foot tall shrub to a 20 foot high tree. Branches are long and horizontal with smooth, upright twigs. Although they do sucker from main plant, they can be grown from the seed.


Leaf: alternating leaves have distinct veins running toward the tip.

Bark: mature bark is bright green with white streaks and newer bark is dark purple.

Bud: small and alternating.


Flower: creamy, white clusters.


Fruit: dark purple in colour.

Habitat: grows along the edges of woodlands and in the understory. Tolerates both sun and shade growing in fertile, moist, well-drained soil.


Wildlife Value: fruit is food for many birds and small mammals.  The buds are eaten by ruffed grouse and ring-necked pheasant. These trees also provide cover and nesting sites for birds.


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