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American Beech

Latin: Fagus grandifolia

Family: Fagaceae

Description - form tall slender or broad and rounded crown depending on site location. Are slow growing and shade tolerant. Often have saplings from root suckers.


Leaf - alternate, simple, coarsely toothed, elliptical shape, straight parallel veins.


Bark -  smooth and light grey, like elephant legs.


Bud - brown, polished, finely hairy at the apex, diverging from twig.


Twig - slender, slightly zigzagged.


Flower - male and female flowers occur on the same tree. Male flower is yellowish with globe shaped heads, paired, short stemmed female flowers near branch tips.


Fruit - 3 sided edible, shiny nut, usually 2 in a 4 parted brown prickly husk.


Habitat - well drained, upland loamy soils.


Wildlife Value - the fruit is eaten by squirrels, turkeys, rodents, and deer.


Wood - used for boxes, pallets, railway ties, furniture, flooring, veneer, musical instruments.


Problems - fruit production is undependable and trees may not bare for several years. Are susceptible to a disease which was imported to Canada in the 1890s.


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