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Latin: Tilia americana

Family: Tiliaceae

Description - grows to height of 18 - 25 m, conical to oval in form, single or smaller clump trunks, basal sprouts.  The root system is wide-spreading and deep, which makes the tree wind firm. Can propagate by sprouting from old stumps or through basal sprouts from roots which can outlive the tree.


Leaf - obliquely heart shaped, alternate, simple. Dull green above, shiny yellow-green below, margins serrated with sharp course teeth.


Bark - brown-green, becoming grey, deeply furrowed and scaly.


Bud - lopsided, conic bud, shoot becoming shiny red-grey to reddish brown.


Twig - grey on top, below yellowish brown.


Flower - attached to oblong papery brach (specialized leaf). Cluster of 6 - 15, 6 petalled white-yellow flowers producing nectar and pollen and giving off a sweet smell.


Fruit - 1 - 2 fuzzy fruit capsules.


Wood - fine grained wood is used for carving, plywood, boxes, crates, wood turning. In the past, the inner bark was used for ropes and cords.


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