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Black Walnut

Latin: Juglans nigra

Family: Junglandaceae

Description - the trees are rounded with a wide open crown on a thick trunk.


Leaf - leaves are made up of many smaller, finely serrated leaves (compound), directly across from each other (pinnate). 12 - 23 leaflets.


Bark - nearly black with deep furrowed, broad intersecting ridges.


Bud - stout, dark brown, egg shaped (ovoid) and hairy.


Twig - stout, hollow with chambered pith.


Flower - appear with leaves in spring. Male flower is drooping green catkin, female flower is solitary or several on the stem.


Fruit - rough, grooved nut in smooth, rounded, green, aromatic husk.


Habitat - found in moist clay and sandy soils.

Wildlife Value - nuts are preferred food of squirrels, deer, small rodents and red-bellied woodpeckers. Foliage is food for the luna moth.


Wood - used in furniture, musical instruments, veneer, and cabinets. Wood is resistant to decay.


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