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Blue Beech 

Latin: Carpinus caroliniana

Family: Betulaceae

Description - 4 - 7 m in height with a spread of 9m x 8m. Flat topped in woodlands, round and dense in open areas, intricately layered, shade tolerant.  Trunk is fluted with muscle like ridges.  Sometime reproduces by suckering.


Leaf - alternate, simple, round at base, tip short and sharp. Margins are sharply toothed with 2 alternating sizes.  Leaf stalk is slender, hairy with non-branching veins


Bark - beech like, mottled bluish grey, smooth. Smooth, broad horizontal patches.


Bud - narrowly oval, hairy, brown with white margins, 4 sided, pressed to stem.


Twig - new twigs are slender, pale green, hairy, and later become reddish grey with beige spots and hairless by fall.


Flower - male and female flowers in separate catkins on the same tree. Male catkins not visible until April.


Fruit - small 8 ribbed nut at base of 3 lobed leaf like bract which remains attached. Fruits are in terminal clusters.


Habitat - moist clay soil, stream borders, swamps.


Wildlife Value - nuts and buds eaten by birds, squirrels, small mammals. Liked by Vireos for nesting.


Wood - can be stained to look like cherry, tool handles, turning, mallets, wedges, bowls.


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