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Blue racer snake

Latin: Coluber constrictor foxii

Family: Colubridae

Appearance: The blue racer snake is a large snake that can grow up to 1.5 meters in length. It has a distinctive grayish-blue or blue-green body colour and the belly is usually a lighter blue-green or whitish hue.

Habitat: The blue racer prefers open habitats with abundant covering such as prairie, savanna, alvar and open woodlands. It also prefers to live in pastures and abandoned farm fields where it can find rodents to eat.

Diet: Blue racers mainly feed on rodents, frogs, other snakes, and small birds. Baby blue racers feed on crickets, beetles, and grasshoppers.

Behaviour: Racer snakes are diurnal animals and are most active during the daytime. They also enjoy basking in open areas to relax. Blue racers breed in the spring and females lay from five to 28 leathery eggs under rocks, in rotting logs or underground in animal burrows. Sometimes female blue racer females nest communally.


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