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Dusky salamander

Latin: Desmognathus fuscus

Family: Plethodontidae

Appearance: Dusky salamanders are tan to dark brown in colour with sparse dark spots or mottling that is concentrated on the sides, and may also have a light dorsal stripe or two dark dorsal stripes. Old individuals are generally uniformly dark with white spots on the sides.

Habitat: The dusky salamander prefers freshwater environments such as streams, springs, and/or areas with seepage. The dusky salamander typically lives in closed canopy deciduous or coniferous forests with soft forest floors.

Diet: Dusky salamanders primarily eat crustaceans, insects, spiders, worms, snails, millipedes, and other invertebrates as well as other amphibian larvae.

Behaviour: Salamanders are typically more active during cool times of the day and are nocturnal. During the day, they lounge under rocks or in trees to stay cool. At night, salamanders come out to eat. Their bright, colorful skin warns predators to stay away.


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