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Fowler's toad

Latin: Anaxyrus fowleri

Family: Bufonidae

Appearance: Fowler's toad is a large yellow, green or brown toad with a light stripe down the middle of the back and large dark blotches, each of which has three or more “warts.” The white belly of the toad does not have dark spots.

Habitat: Fowler's toad lives in both aquatic and terrestrial habitats. Fowler's Toads are found on sandy or rocky points, sand dunes and beaches along Lake Erie. They breed in sandy-bottomed ponds or rocky pools.

Diet: They feed primarily on insects and small creatures that live in soil, such as worms and slugs.

Behaviour: These toads burrow into the soil or hide under rocks or plants when inactive during daytime.  They hunt at night, emerging from their daytime burrowing areas to search for food. Fowler's toads hibernate in the winter during cold weather.


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