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Gray Dogwood

Latin: Cornus racemosa

Family: Cornaceae

Description - prefers open canopy to open areas. 6 - 10 feet in height. Stems come straight up from the ground with dense branches above. The root system readily suckers creating large clumps of clones.


Leaf - simple, opposite, and toothless with prominent arching, lateral veins. Upper surface is dark green with 3 or 4 veins per side. Lower surface is pale green to nearly white with both surfaces having sparse, short, stiff appressed hairs. Edges are smooth and wavy.


Bark - mature bark turns a dull, smooth, brownish grey. Older bark can be rough and scaly.


Twig - tan to orange-brown, smooth except for a few raised lenticels (pores) the first year giving a warty texture.


Flower - creamy white, dome-shaped clusters of small, 4 petal flowers at the tip of branches. 4 stamens are ascending around a single green tipped style in the centre.


Fruit - round, drooping clusters of white berries on red stalks.


Habitat - partially shaded to open areas.


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