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Latin: Celtis occidentalis

Family: Ulmaceae

Description - grows 12-25 m high with a broad, round crown of about 15 m which resemble elms. Grow in a variety of forms from small shrub-like trees to 2 large trees that differ by leaf shape.


Leaf - simple leaf alternate along the twig. Tip of leaf is long and tapering from an asymmetrical oval with a coarsely and sharply toothed base. Leaf is bluish green, toothed, with stalk at base of leaf divided into 3 fork-like - similar to Mulberry leaf.


Bark - greyish brown, narrow ridges with corky thickenings.


Bud - buds are arranged in rows along the stem with each bud enclosed by 2 rows of bud scales.


Flower - flowers can be made up of both sexes (perfect) or single sexed (imperfect). Both sexes appear on the same tree (monoecious).


Fruit - reddish purple fruit, edible, similar to a cherry, which drupe where the leaf attaches to the branch. A single seed is found in a bony pit. Fruit can stay on the tree after the leaves fall.


Wildlife Value - used in windbreaks and fruit is food for wildlife.


Wood - used to create crates, boxes, and pallets.


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