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Jefferson salamander

Latin: Ambystoma jeffersonianum

Family: Ambystomatidae

Appearance: Jefferson salamanders have long toes, a long snout, and a fairly slender build. Jefferson salamanders have a grey or brown-coloured back, with lighter under-parts. Blue flecks may be present on the sides and limbs of the salamander. Adults are 12-20 cm long.

Habitat: Jefferson salamanders are predominantly found in or near deciduous forests. They prefer steep, rocky areas with cover, such as rotten logs or duff layers. Jefferson salamanders spend most of the year underground in burrows and are rarely encountered outside of the spring breeding season.

Diet: They feed primarily on insects, slugs, worms, and other small aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates.

Behaviour: Salamanders are typically more active during cool times of the day and are nocturnal. During the day, they lounge under rocks or in trees to stay cool. At night, salamanders come out to eat. Their bright, colorful skin warns predators to stay away.


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