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Pine vole

Latin: Microtus pinetorum

Family: Cricetidae

Appearance: The pine vole is a mall mouse with a short tail and a total length of 100 - 145 mm. The pine vole weighs 21-56 grams. Their bodies are cylindrical, slender, and modified for a semi-fossorial life. Their auburn fur is soft and thick, and does not have the scattered long guard hairs found in most other voles.

Habitat: Pine voles can live in a variety of habitats from deciduous and pine forest to grassy fields. They prefer habitats with well drained soils and a thick ground cover of either forest litter or vegetation.

Diet: Pine voles that live in deciduous or pine forests have a diet that consists of forbs and seeds. Pine voles consume grasses and forbs in the summer followed by fruit and seeds in autumn, and bark and roots in the winter.

Behaviour: Voles are active at all times of the year, day and night, and they do not hibernate. Voles are some of the most prolific breeders in the rodent family, voles can produce 5-10 litters per year with 3-6 young per litter.


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