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Queen snake

Latin: Regina septemvittata

Family: Natricidae

Appearance: The body of the queen snake is brownish olive with three dark stripes running down its back. The belly of the snake is pale yellow with four dark stripes running along its length. This species is the only snake in Ontario with a longitudinally striped belly.

Habitat: Queen snakes prefer rivers, streams and lakes with clear water, and rocky or gravel bottoms. They like to have lots of places to hide and an abundance of crayfish. Queen snakes will often hibernate in groups with other snakes, amphibians and crayfish.

Diet: Queen snakes have a very restricted diet and feed almost exclusively on crayfish that have recently moulted.

Behaviour: Queen snakes are diurnal animals and can be found moving about and hunting at night as well. They are often found by turning over rocks within or near the brooks and streams they inhabit. They will also come out of the water to bask in the sun and perch on branches or roots around the water's edge.


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