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Red Oak

Latin: Quercus rubra

Family: Fagaceae

Description - 20-30 metres high. Crown is broad and rounded and 20 metres across. One of the most rapid-growing oaks, transplants easily, and is hardy in city conditions and cold weather.


Leaf - alternate, simple leaf, 7-9 wavy lobes, notches between lobes rounded, lobe base wider than tip.


Bark - thick, grey, smooth when tree young, dark grey or blackish, rough, furrowed into scaly ridges when mature.  Inner bark is reddish.


Bud - is oval, pointed, reddish and glossy, a few hairs on bud tip. 


Twigs - stout, smooth, and reddish brown.


Flower - male flower is yellowish, drooping catkins, female flower is tiny and red.


Fruit - short stalked, egg shaped acorn enclosed by a reddish brown broad cup. Cap on acorn has tightly overlapping scales. Matures in 2 years.


Habitat - tolerates various soil types and moisture conditions.


Wildlife Value - acorns are feed for wild turkey, black bear, raccoon. Snowshoe hare, whitetail deer browse on foliage. Inner bark is eaten by porcupines.


Wood - used for flooring, furniture, railroad ties, fenceposts, pilings and pulpwood.


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