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Silky Dogwood

Latin: Cornus amomum

Family: Cornaceae

Description -  grows 5 to 8 feet in height. Multi-stemmed, arching, open, round, thicket forming. Tolerates black walnut toxicity.


Leaf - opposite, simple, whorled, elliptical to ovate, 3.5 inches long and 2 inches wide. Distinct veins running toward the tip. Margins smooth, wavy, upper leaf is dark green, lower surface pale with greyish to brown hairs on the veins. Turn burgundy red in the fall.


Bark - reddish brown with white speckled lines.


Bud - contain silky hairs which gives the plant its name.


Twig - young twigs are greenish purple densely covered with fine hairs. Reddish brown to grey brown with vertical, shallow fissures and lenticels (pores) on older stems. The pith is a reddish brown colour distinguishing it from other dogwoods


Flower - creamy white, flat, convex clusters. Each flower is upright, terminal with four narrowly triangular petals and four long ascending stamens around the single green-tipped style in the centre. Flowering stalks have silky hairs.


Fruit - form in drooping clumps of round, porcelain blue berries with white blotches on stalks (green or reddish).


Habitat - grows well in wet, marshy areas.


Wildlife Value - fruit is eaten by birds.


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