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Silver Maple

Latin: Acer saccharinum

Family: Aceraceae

Description - 10 - 30 m in height and spread 25 x 26 m. Often multi-trunked and lower branches descend then turn upward while upper branches ascend. Thrives well everywhere and reproduces easily.


Leaf - opposite and simple. Lobes have coarse, sharp, irregular, double teeth. End lobe narrows inwardly towards the centre of the leaf. Separated from the side lobes by narrow, deep, U-shaped notches.


Bark - young trees are smooth and grey while mature trees bark is dark, reddish-brown. Separated into long, thin, narrow flakes fastened at the centre and free at both ends giving a somewhat shaggy appearance.

Bud - long with a shoot that is red, brown, and purple.


Twig - sharp, earthy, moldy scent when peeled.


Flower - early spring maroon flowers open before leaves. Large, round flower buds cluster on side twigs. Trees can have male and female flowers, or sexes can be on separate trees.


Fruit - winged keys (samara) are in pairs or single. Pale brown, paired wings diverge at an angle of 90 degrees or more. Usually only 1 seed develops.


Habitat - found in wet areas.


Wildlife Value - seeds are eaten by birds and squirrels, deer browse on twigs.  Often has a hollow trunk making homes for birds and animals.


Wood - furniture, boxes, crates, flooring, pulpwood, poor wood strength.


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