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Spotted turtle

Latin: Clemmys guttata

Family: Emydidae

Appearance: The spotted turtle is one of Ontario's smallest turtles with a shell that is rarely more than 13 centimetres long. This turtle is easily recognized by its smooth black shell which has spatters of bright yellow and orange spots. The head and limbs of the spotted turtle are black with yellow and orange markings.

Habitat: Spotted turtles are semi-aquatic animals and prefer ponds, marshes, bogs, and ditches with slow-moving, unpolluted water. The spotted turtle prefers to live in areas with an abundant supply of aquatic vegetation.

Diet: Spotted turtles are omnivorous animals and only feed underwater. Spotted turtles eat small prey such as spiders, slugs, snails, crustaceans, tadpoles, and worms as well as some aquatic vegetation. 

Behaviour: During hot summer months and cold winter months, spotted turtles are dormant. Spotted turtles emerge from hibernation in early spring, usually in March when they begin looking for mates.


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