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Sugar Maple

Latin: Acer saccharum

Family: Aceraceae

Description - grows to 18 - 30 m with a spread of 20 x 20 m. Produces a symmetrical oval crown in open areas and a round, broad, shallow crown in forests. Trees are tapped for the sap which is made into maple syrup.


Leaf - opposite, simple, highly variable on the same tree. End lobe almost square, rounded notches separate, 5 main lobes on each leaf.


Bark - dark grey and divided into long, vertical, firm, irregular strips which curl outward along one side.


Bud - reddish brown, oval, and pointed with numerous scales.


Twig - reddish brown, shiny, and hairless.


Flower - small without petals, hanging on long, slender stalks in tassel like clusters. Trees can be male, female, or have flowers of both sexes.


Fruit - produced in pairs, green fruit which ripens to brown, wings almost parallel or diverge slightly. The spreading wing is shorter than the fruit stalk with a plump seed case.


Habitat - grows in well drained loam and sandy soil and is shade tolerant.


Wildlife Value - seeds are eaten by birds and small mammals and leaves and twigs are grazed by deer, rabbits and squirrels.


Wood - used in furniture, flooring, veneers, cabinets, for musical instruments, and as fuel.


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